Can ports on different cards be allocated to the same VS on a CE switch


Yes. You can allocate ports on different cards to the same VS.

Other related questions:
Does an AR support inter-card Eth-Trunk
Only 8FE1GE and 24GE cards support inter-card Eth-Trunks. 4GE-2S, 4ES2G-S, 4ES2GP-S, and 9ES2 cards do not support inter-card Eth-Trunks.

In which versions can VS be configured on the CE12800 and is a license required
CE12800 series switches support VS in V100R002C00 and later versions, and each CE12800 can have a maximum of 16 VSs (including the admin-VS) configured. The VS function is under license control.

Can I reset a VS separately on CE switches and will reset of one VS affect other VSs
You can reset a VS individually except Admin-VS. Resetting a VS does not affect other VSs.

Can ports on different devices be added to the same VS after a stack is set up
The ports on different devices can be assigned to the same VS after a stack is set up.

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