Can VSs directly communicate with each other


Each VS can be considered an independent device. VSs cannot directly communicate even if they reside on the same physical device.
VSs can directly communicate only when they are connected using physical ports, similar to the direct communication between physical devices.

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Method used to configure an IPSec tunnel on the AR for mutual access between branches
There are two ways of implementing communication between branches on Huawei AR routers. 1. Branches directly communicate with each other. In this case, implementing communication between branches through configuration of IPSec and DSVPN (not supported by the AR510). For details, see "Example for configuring IPSec-based DSVPN" of "DSVPN Configuration" in Configuration Guide - VPN. 2. Branches communicate with each other through the headquarters. For details, see "Example for Configuring GRE Over IPSec to Implement Communication Between the Branches and Headquarters and NAT to Implement Communication Between Branches (Running OSPF)" of "Using VPN to Implement WAN Interconnection" in Typical Configuration Examples.

Two directly connected S series switches cannot communicate with each other after link aggregation is configured
Link aggregation on S series switches (except the S1700) increases bandwidth and balance load among member interfaces. When two directly connected S series switches cannot ping each other, you need to check the router and IP address configuration.

Can BMSs of Different Accounts Communicate with Each Other over an Intranet?

No. BMSs of different accounts (tenants) cannot communicate with each other over an intranet.

Can Subnets Communicate with Each Other?

Subnets belong to VPCs. Subnets in the same VPC can communicate with each other. Subnets in different VPCs cannot communicate with each other by default. However, you can create VPC peering connections to enable subnets in different VPCs to communicate with each other.

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