In which versions can VS be configured on the CE12800 and is a license required


CE12800 series switches support VS in V100R002C00 and later versions, and each CE12800 can have a maximum of 16 VSs (including the admin-VS) configured.
The VS function is under license control.

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Which versions support LTE
V2R5C00 and later versions support LTE. Starting from V2R5C00, the AR supports FDD-LTE. Starting from V2R6C10, the AR supports TD-LTE.

URL functions requiring a license
The license requirements for URL functions are as follows: -Exception IP address: No -Blacklist and whitelist: No -URL user-defined category: No -URL predefined category: Yes

Can VS be supported if only one stack member CE12800 switch has loaded the license
If only one member switch has a license file loaded after a CE12800 CSS is set up and the license file supports VS, the entire CSS supports VS.

How do I configure VSs
The following describes the basic configuration procedure, which is for reference only. For the detailed configuration procedure and precautions, see the appropriate configuration guide.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] admin
[~HUAWEI-admin] virtual-system vs1      //Create a VS named vs1.
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] port-mode group      //Configure vs1 to work in group mode.(VSs can work in group or port mode.)
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] assign interface 10GE 1/0/0      //Allocate a physical port to vs1.
Warning: All configurations of the interfaces will be deleted. All interfaces of
 the same group will be assigned. Continue? [Y/N]: y
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] quit
[*HUAWEI-admin] commit
[~HUAWEI-admin] display virtual-system
Name                             Status
Admin-VS                         running
vs1                              running
If the status of a VS is running, the VS is created.

Which licenses are required by the U1981?
Common licenses for the U1900 series voice gateway include the user port license, local regeneration license, voice conference license, and voicemail license. The licenses required onsite depend on services. For the detailed SBOM items and application guide, see the eSpace U1900 V200R003 License Application Guide (for SDP) at:

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