Can the leaf switches in an SVF system have different models


For an SVF system of modular and fixed switches, leaf switches can be of different series and models.
For an SVF system of fixed switches, in V100R005C10 and later versions, leaf switches can be of different series and models. In V100R005C00 and earlier versions, leaf switches must belong to the same series. For example, CE5810-48T4S-EI and CE5810-24T4S-EI can be in the same SVF system, but CE6810-48S4Q-EI and CE5810-48T4S-EI cannot.

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Can CE series switches of different models use the same system software package
�?CE12800 series switches of all models use the same system software package (with the file name extension .cc). For example, in V100R003C00SPC600, system software package is used for all CE12800 series switches. �?CE7800/CE6800/CE5800 series switches of EI/HI/LI models have corresponding system software packages that are named based on the switch models. For example:

Which AP models support mode switching
APs that support mode switching: AP3010DN-AGN, AP5010SN-GN, AP5010DN-AGN, AP5030DN, AP5130DN, AP6010SN-GN, AP6010DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN-US, AP6610DN-AGN, AP6610DN-AGN-US, AP3030DN, AP4030DN, AP4130DN, AP7110DN, AP8030DN, AP8130DN, AP3010DN-V2, AP5030DN-S, AP9131DN, AP9132DN, AD9430DN-24, and AD9430DN-12 Note that APs only in V200R003 or later support the Fat mode, so APs in versions earlier than V200R003 (such as WA series APs) do not support mode switching.

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