How to clear the stack configuration of CE switches


Clearing the stack configuration of a CE12800 switch
To clear the stack configuration of the CE12800, you only need to disable the stacking function. After stacking is disabled, the switch will restart with empty configuration.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] stack
[~HUAWEI-stack] undo stack enable member all

Clearing the stack configuration of CE8800&CE7800&CE6800&CE5800 series switches
To clear the stack configuration of a CE8800/CE7800/CE6800/CE5800 series switch, you can run commands to delete stack-related configurations one by one, and then set the stack member ID to 1 and restart the switch. If you do not need to retain other service configurations, you can also clear the configuration file specified for the next startup and restart the switch.

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How to configure port split in a stack of CE switches
The port split procedure is the same in stack and non-stack scenarios. That is, run the port split command in the system view, save the configuration, and then restart the board or device.

How to split a CE switch stack
If a stack is not required, split the stack to restore the member switches to standalone switches.
Split a CE12800 stack.
1. Disable the CSS function. After the CSS function is disabled, the member switches restart without a configuration file and automatically back up the CSS configuration file used before the CSS splits.
[~HUAWEI] stack
[~HUAWEI-stack] undo stack enable memeber all
2. Remove stack cables.

Split a stack of CE8800&CE7800&CE6800&CE5800 switches.
1. Back up the stack configuration file in case that the stack will be used again.
copy stack.cfg stack_copy.cfg all
2. Clear the configuration file for next start and restart the switch.
reset saved-configuration
The configuration will be erased to reconfigure.Continue? [Y/N]: y
Warning: The current configuration will be saved to the next startup saved-configuration file. Continue? [Y/N]: n
Warning: The system will reboot. Continue? [Y/N]: y
3. Remove stack cables.

How to upgrade a stack of CE switches
A stack can be upgraded using the traditional upgrade method (specify the next-startup files and restart the entire stack) or the fast upgrade function. The fast upgrade function applies to a stack with two member switches. 

Stack restart:

1. Upload the new system software to the master switch and copy it to all other member switches. If the switch has multiple MPUs, you also need to copy the system software to all MPUs.
2. Run the startup system-software system-file all command to specify the system software file name for the next startup.
3. Run the reboot command to restart the stack.

Fast upgrade:

1. Upload the new system software to the master switch and copy it to all other member switches. If the switch has multiple MPUs, you also need to copy the system software to all MPUs.
2. Run the startup system-software system-file all command to specify the system software file name for the next startup.
3. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
4. Run the stack command to enter the stack management view.
5. Run the stack upgrade fast command to start a fast upgrade.
After performing a fast upgrade, you can run the display stack upgrade status command to check the upgrade status.

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