Do SIP ports on CE switches need to be configured


SIP ports are plug-and-play and require no software configuration.

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Can SIP ports on CE12800 switches run services
SIP ports on the MPUs of the CE12800 are used only for stack connections and cannot run other services.

Can the SIP ports on CE switches be configured with DAD
SIP ports are used for stack connections, so DAD cannot be configured on such ports.

Does the SIP server need to open ports?
The SIP server needs to open ports. Take the SC server as an example. Source IP address Source port number Open SC port number Protocol Port description SIP UA IP address 1024-65535 5060 UDP SIP TCP/UDP Port for listening signaling from the SIP node SIP UA IP address 1024-65535 5061 TCP SIP TLS Port for listening for signaling from the SIP node SIP UA IP address 1024-65535 5070-6071 UDP SIP BFCP port Port opened when the shared presentation is required IP address on the SC public network 10010-11010 (Note: An openness source is required) TCP for SIP and TCP/TLS Port for calling unregistered extranet devices IP address of the H.323/SIP device 1024-65535 20010-32010 UDP RTP Port for receiving voice and video code streams from the H.323 node and SIP UA

Did the SIP trunk need extralicense or not .
no need to add exttra license

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