How can I configure a backup IP address for a member CE switch in a stack


If a backup IP address is configured for a stack member switch and the switch fails the DAD competition after a stack split, the switch switches its IP address to the backup IP address to prevent conflict with IP addresses of other switches. You can then remotely log in to the switch to locate and rectify faults.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] interface meth 0/0/0
[~HUAWEI-MEth0/0/0] dual-active backup ip address 24 member all
[*HUAWEI-MEth0/0/0] commit

Other related questions:
How to add a stack member CE switch
To add a member switch to a stack, perform the following operations: 1. Upgrade the software version of the switch to the current stack system version to prevent multiple restarts resulted from version synchronization and speed up stack setup. 2. Complete the stack configuration of the switch, save the configuration, and then power off the switch. 3. Connect the switch to the stack using stack cables. 4. Power on the switch to enable it to join the stack without affecting the stack.

How to restart a member CE switch in a stack
-In a stack of CE12800s, run the reset chassis chassis-id command in the user view to restart the specified member switch.
-In a stack of CE8800&7800&6800&5800s, run the reset slot slot-id command in the user view to restart the specified member switch.
Before restarting a member switch, save the stack configuration to ensure that the restarted switch can join the stack normally.

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