Can SIP ports on CE12800 switches run services


SIP ports on the MPUs of the CE12800 are used only for stack connections and cannot run other services.

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Can services be run on ports of the MPU on S series switches
Ports on the MPU cannot be used as service ports.

If two service ports on an S series fixed switch are configured as stack ports, can other service ports on the switch that are not configured as stack ports be used to run services
For most S series fixed switches, the ports that are not configured as stack port can still run services. For example, when two rear SFP ports on an S5700-52P-LI switch are configured as stack ports, the other two rear SFP ports can forward service data. However, on the S6700EI and S6720EI, every four ports are added to one group. A group of ports must function as stack ports or service ports together. That is, when one port is configured as a stack port, the other three ports in the same group will automatically be configured as stack ports but cannot function as service ports.

What types of cables are applicable to SIP ports on the MPU of a CE12800 switch
In MPU connection mode, stack management links are connected through SIP ports on MPUs. A SIP port is a combo port consisting of a GE electrical port and a GE optical port. It starts to work immediately after a cable is connected and does not require any configuration. By default, the working mode of a combo port depends on whether the electrical port or optical port has a cable connected first. If the electrical and optical ports have a cable connected at the same time, the combo port works as an optical port. Common cables applicable to SIP ports include network cables and LC fibers. When LC fibers need to be used, GE optical modules must be used on SIP ports.

Can DAD-enabled ports on a CE switch run services
Ports configured with dual-active detection (DAD) in direct mode cannot run other services. Eth-Trunks configured with DAD in relay mode can run other services properly.

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