How can I downgrade an AR


The procedure for downgrading an AR is the same as that for upgrading it.

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Modes of logging in to the AR for the first time
The AR supports first login through the console interface and MiniUSB interface. In addition, starting from specified versions, the management IP address is set before delivery and the web platform is enabled. The web platform can be used to log in to the AR.

How do I view the system software package of an AR
Run the dir command in the user view to display information about files and directories in the storage medium. The file with the file extension .cc is the system software package.

How do I query IP traffic on an AR
The display ip statistics command displays the IP traffic statistics. Generally, you can run this command to check statistics on sent and received packets during service diagnosis. To monitor specific service packets, for example, to implement accounting, network monitoring, and user monitoring based on statistics analysis of network service traffic, configure the NetStream function. To obtain classified IP packet statistics by service data flows, for example, to obtain IP packet statistics of a specific user, configure the IP accounting function.

How to downgrade the Huawei ViewPoint 8036
To downgrade a Huawei ViewPoint 8000 series endpoint, download the upgrade guide of the required version. The upgrade guide describes both upgrade and downgrade operations. The download link is as follows (if you do not have the permission to download the upgrade guide, contact the agent or local Huawei office for assistance): For details, visit upgrade guides.

Can the VCN3000 be directly downgraded from R2 to R1?
The VCN3000 cannot be directly downgraded from R2 to R1. The VCN3000 cannot be directly downgraded from a new version to an old version, for example, from R2SPC104 to R2SPC103. To downgrade from a new version to an old version, install VCN3000 R1SPC100 or R2SPC100 using the image file and upgrade it to the desired version. For details about how to restore the system using the image file, see the eSpace VCN3000 Product Documentation. To download the eSpace VCN3000 Product Documentation, log in to Huawei enterprise technical support website and choose Support > Video Surveillance > Video Surveillance Platforms > eSpace VCN3000.

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