How to configure port split in a stack of CE switches


The port split procedure is the same in stack and non-stack scenarios. That is, run the port split command in the system view, save the configuration, and then restart the board or device.

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How to split a CE switch stack
If a stack is not required, split the stack to restore the member switches to standalone switches.
Split a CE12800 stack.
1. Disable the CSS function. After the CSS function is disabled, the member switches restart without a configuration file and automatically back up the CSS configuration file used before the CSS splits.
[~HUAWEI] stack
[~HUAWEI-stack] undo stack enable memeber all
2. Remove stack cables.

Split a stack of CE8800&CE7800&CE6800&CE5800 switches.
1. Back up the stack configuration file in case that the stack will be used again.
copy stack.cfg stack_copy.cfg all
2. Clear the configuration file for next start and restart the switch.
reset saved-configuration
The configuration will be erased to reconfigure.Continue? [Y/N]: y
Warning: The current configuration will be saved to the next startup saved-configuration file. Continue? [Y/N]: n
Warning: The system will reboot. Continue? [Y/N]: y
3. Remove stack cables.

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