Must a new AR be upgraded or patched through the console port


You can upgrade a new AR or install patches for it through the console port. If the management IP address is configured before factory delivery and web management is enabled on an AR, you can also upgrade the AR or install patches using the web platform.

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Logging in to the AR through a console interface
You can connect a PC to the console interface of an AR and then log in to the AR to perform basic configurations and management.

Check whether the AR routers Console login has a default password.
The AR routers Console password for logging in to the default support status: -all models AR equipment in V200R005C20 and previous versions have no default password. -all models AR equipment after V200R005C20 version has a default password, the default user name is admin, by default, the password is:Admin@huawei.

Log in to the S1700 through the console port
The S1700 series include the web-managed model and NMS-free model, and cannot be logged in to through the console port. The S1724G series and S1728GWR-4P series switches do not support console port login either.

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