Can SNMP read and write community names be configured the same on a CE switch


SNMP read and write community names cannot be the same on a CE switch. Otherwise, the latest configuration will overwrite the previous one.

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Can community attributes be viewed on an S series switch
For an S series switch (except S1700), you can view the community read-write attribute in the device's configuration file. You can also view the community read-write attribute on the SNMP feature page of the web NMS.

How to configure an SNMP community name on a CE series switch
CE switches support SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3, while only SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c support community name configuration. Run the snmp-agent community { read | write } { community-name | cipher community-name } [ alias alias-name ] command in the system view to set an SNMP community name. For example, set the read/write community name for SNMPv2c to Private123. system-view [~HUAWEI] snmp-agent sys-info version v2c [*HUAWEI] snmp-agent community write Private123 [*HUAWEI] commit

What are the requirements for the length of SNMP community names on CE switches
By default, a switch checks the complexity of community names. A community name required by CE switches is a string of 8 to 32 characters and meets the following conditions: 1. The community name must be a combination of at least two of uppercase letters (A to Z), lowercase letters (a to z), digits, and special characters (excluding question masks and spaces). 2. If the string is enclosed in double quotation marks (" "), the string can contain spaces. If the complexity check of a community name is disabled using the snmp-agent community complexity-check disable command, the community name can contain 1 to 32 characters. To ensure the security of SNMP community names, you are advised to enable the complexity check of a community name.

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