Do ARs support a scheduled restart


Yes, ARs support a scheduled restart.

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How to configure scheduled restart on an AR
To implement scheduled reboot on AR routers, you can use command line. The procedure is as follows: Step 1: Edit the following content in the notepad and save it as reboot.bat. Step 2: Upload the reboot.bat file to the device. Step 3: Create a maintenance assistant task. For details, see the following example: system view Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z. [huawei] assistant task reboot [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-mat [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-match timer [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] if-match timer cron * 0 20 4 5 * 2016 //Set the execution time to 2016-05-04 20:00. [huawei-assistant-task-reboot] perform 1 batch-file flash:/reboot.bat//Enter the actual file path. Note: After the configuration, you must save the configuration to prevent configuration loss after a restart.

How can I check the reason that a board is reset
Run the display reset-reason command to check whether a board is reset actively or passively.
  • If the message "Reason: A link fault fails to be rectified." is displayed, the board is actively reset.
  • If the preceding message is not displayed, the board is passively reset.

Setting scheduled restart of the USG2000&5000&6000
Configure scheduled device restart as follows: Run the schedule reboot command. For example: # The current time is 15:50. Set the NGFW to restart at 22:00 this night. schedule reboot at 22:00 Info: System will reboot at 22:00:00 2009/07/18 (in 6 hours and 10 minutes) confirm? [Y/N] :y

Scheduled restart of a WLAN device
WLAN devices support scheduled restart since V200R002. Run the schedule reboot { at < time > | delay < interval > } command in the user view to enable the scheduled restart function. - at < time >: specifies the specific scheduled restart time. - delay < interval >: specifies the waiting time before the scheduled restart.

Can I disable the MCU scheduled restart function?
The function of restarting at midnight is a protection means for the MCU. If no conference is held on the MCU, the MCU will automatically restart at a specified time in the morning every day to release MCU resources and processes for better service. Generally, you are not advised to disable the function. If you still want to disable the function, run the following command: system-view enable-reboot-midnight 0:disable,1:enable

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