How do I view the system software package of an AR


Run the dir command in the user view to display information about files and directories in the storage medium. The file with the file extension .cc is the system software package.

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How to download the system software package for a CE series switch
Download the system software package for a CE series switch as follows: 1. Visit 2. Choose 软件 > 企业网络 > 交换�? 3. Select a switch model and version, and download the system software package.

After APs successfully load the system software package in batches using FTP, why do they reset repeatedly and load the system software package again
The fault occurs due to a version ID mismatch. To rectify the fault, change the version ID in the AP upgrade file name to the same as the version ID in the AP upgrade file.

Paths for obtaining the AccessClient software package
You can obtain the FusionAccess software packages in the following ways: 1. Visit , find the FusionAccess software package, and download it. 2. Visit the Huawei FusionCloud Information Self-Service Platform at . This website provides hyperlinks to the FusionAccess software packages. 3. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 4. Obtain further help using the contact information provided on Huawei's cloud computing forum. 5. Call the 400 hotline for help.

Where to download the drivers and firmware of server components
For introductions and installation procedures of server component drivers and firmware, see "Installing Drivers and Firmware" in the Huawei Server OS Installation Guide at:|9856522|21782478|19955021|21584147 Server software package checker: Product drivers and firmware release directories: Rack server: E9000: E6000:

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