How to activate a patch file of an AR


When configuring system files, run the startup patch patch-name [ slave-board | all ] command to specify the patch file to be loaded for next startup. The patch file is activated after the AR restarts.
# Specify the patch file to be loaded for next startup.
<Huawei> startup patch patch.pat

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Method used to activate a license file through authorization on the AR
Prerequisite: The ESN, authorization ID (LAC), activation code, or project contract ID is obtained. 1. Log in to ESDP Website , and choose License Activation > Entitlement Activation. 2. Search for activation items based on Huawei contract No. (authorization ID and activation ID) and select the authorization item to be activated. 3. Check whether the license file is correct, select the authorization item to be activated, enter the ESN to be bound, and click Activate License. For more information, see License Usage Guide

Name extensions of different types of files on S series switches
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), the name extensions of different types of files are as follows: Web page file: .7z/ License file: .dat Configuration file: .cfg or .zip System file: .cc Patch file: .pat

How are patches loaded for SVF
When a patch is loaded for SVF, you only need to load the patch on the parent switch, not on the leaf switch. 

Perform the following operations:
1. Upload a patch package to the parent switch. The version of the patch must match the switch type.

2. Run the patch load filename all run command in the user view to load and run patches.

3. Run the display patch-information verbose command to check whether patches are loaded successfully.

How are patch files loaded for VSs
System patch files can only be loaded in the Admin-VS, but not in other VSs.

Downloading patch files for WLAN devices
To download a patch file of a WLAN device, perform the following operations: 1. Visit 2. Click Software Download. Under By Product, click WLAN. 3. Select a WLAN device model. 4. Select the latest patch file ending with SPHxxx, and download the related patch release notes and patch installation guide.

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