Do CE switches support VLAN mirroring


CE series switches support VLAN mirroring since V100R003C10.

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What VLAN specifications do CE switches support
CE switches support 4063 VLANs. The VLAN ID ranges from 1 to 4094. VLAN 1 exists by default, and VLANs 4064 to 4094 are default reserved VLANs. You can run the vlan reserved vlan-id command in the system view to adjust the range of reserved VLANs. You can run the vlan vlan-id or vlan batch { vlan-id1 [ to vlan-id2 ] } &<1-10> command in the system view to create VLANs except reserved VLANs.

Do CE series switches support M:N mirroring
CE series switches support M:N mirroring. That is, packets on M ports can be copied to N observing ports.

How can I configure VLAN mirroring on a CE switch
Perform the following operations to configure VLAN mirroring.
  1. Run the system-view command to enter the system view.
  2. Run the observe-port [ observe-port-index ] interface interface-type interface-number command to configure a local observing port.
    To configure multiple observing ports, run the preceding command multiple times.
  3. Run the vlan vlan-id command to enter the VLAN view.
  4. Run the mirroring observe-port observe-port-index inbound command to copy traffic of the VLAN to the specified observing port.
    To copy traffic to multiple observing ports, run this command multiple times.
  5. Run the commit command to commit the configuration.

For example, you can run the following command to copy traffic of VLAN 10 to the observing port 10GE1/0/2.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] observe-port 1 interface 10ge 1/0/2
[*HUAWEI] vlan 10
[*HUAWEI-vlan10] mirroring observe-port 1 inbound
[*HUAWEI-vlan10] commit

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