Do CE12800 switches support inter-card mirroring


CE12800 series switches support inter-card mirroring.

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Does an AR support inter-card Eth-Trunk
Only 8FE1GE and 24GE cards support inter-card Eth-Trunks. 4GE-2S, 4ES2G-S, 4ES2GP-S, and 9ES2 cards do not support inter-card Eth-Trunks.

Do S series switches support inter-card link aggregation
Link aggregation configuration has no restrictions on the card specifications of S series modular switches. Inter-card link aggregation is supported on S series modular switches. For the detailed requirements, see the right pane.

Do S series modular switches support inter-card mirroring
S series switches support inter-card mirroring. That is, a mirrored port and an observing port can reside on different cards.

Do CE8800&CE7800&CE6800&CE5800 switches support inter-device mirroring
CE8800&7800&6800&5800 series switches support inter-device mirroring when the switches are configured in a stack. If the mirrored ports are physical member ports in a stack, inter-device mirroring is not supported. On the CE6870EI, packets mirrored from one device to the other may be changed or discarded. Therefore, you are not advised to configure the observing and mirrored ports on different devices.

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