Do VSs on CE series switches support multicast functions


Among all VSs in port mode, only the admin-VS supports multicast functions. All VSs in group mode support multicast functions.

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Do S series switches support the Layer 3 multicast function
To achieve multicast forwarding of video services on Layer 3 networks, you need to configure the Layer 3 multicast function on switches. The Layer 3 multicast function requires two multicast protocols as follows: - Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP): It is used to establish and maintain multicast group memberships between receiver hosts and directly connected multicast routers. - Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM): It is used to obtain multicast requirements of receiver hosts, generate multicast routing entries, and set up multicast forwarding paths. IGMP and PIM are supported by Huawei S series modular switches, and Sx7 series fixed switches including the S3700EI, S3700HI, S5700EI, S5710EI, S5720EI, S5700HI, S5710HI, S5720SI, S5720S-SI, S5720HI, S6700EI, S6720EI and S6720S-EI.

Do CE series switches support the FC function
CE series switches support the FC function in V100R005C10 and later versions. Currently, only the CE6850U-HI supports the FC function.

How are logs of CE series switches' VSs stored
VSs record only user logs in the log.log file, not diagnostic logs. Log files are saved in the logfile directory of VSs. In versions earlier than V100R006C00, the Admin-VS and VSs share the flash storage space, which is not fixed and restricted by the size of the upper-level directory. In V100R006C00 and later versions, independent flash storage space is allocated for VSs. In this case, the log storage space is restricted by the VS storage size.

Do CE series switches support buffering of multicast data
CE12800 series switches and CE6870EI do not support buffering of multicast data. CE8800&7800&6800&5800 series switches, except the CE6870EI, support buffering of multicast data. On these switches, multicast data shares buffer resources with unicast data.

What multicast features do CE series switches support
The right figure shows the multicast features supported by CE series switches.

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