Can I use a MIB to obtain the number of lost packets on an interface of a CE series switch


You can use a MIB to obtain the number of lost packets on an interface of a CE series switch. The objects with the OIDs and indicate the numbers of lost incoming and outgoing packets respectively on an interface.

For CE12800 series switches, pay attention to the following points:
1. To improve the NMS monitoring and query performance, the number of lost packets obtained through MIBs is always 0 in versions earlier than V100R005C00.
2. In V100R005C00 and later versions, you can run the set if-mib discard-statistics enable command in the diagnostic view to enable the function of using a MIB to collect statistics about packets loss on interfaces.

Other related questions:
Which MIB table is used to obtain statistics about various packets on switch interfaces
The ifTable and ifXTable tables in the IF-MIB are used to obtain Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast packet statistics on an interface. Different fields in the table indicate the counts of different packets.

How to use MIBs in software version packages of CE series switches
MIBs in the software version package of a CE series switch describe the syntax, description, and implemented specifications of MIB objects. You can query information about MIB objects by the object name or object identifier (OID). For details, see MIB use instances in MIB Reference.

Where can I download MIB files of CE series switches
Download the MIB file by performing the following steps: 1. Log in to or, and search for the device model and version, for example, CE12800 V100R006C00SPC600. 2. Access the software download page, obtain the compressed MIB file of the appropriate version, and decompress the package. For example, the MIB file name in V100R006C00SPC600 is CE-MIBFILE-V100R006C00SPC600.rar.

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