Are CE series switches required to use matching power modules


CE series switches must use matching power modules. Using unmatched power modules may cause unexpected risks. The chassis and power modules adopt foolproof designs to prevent misuse of power modules.
For the mapping between CloudEngine chassis models and power modules, see the "Power Module" section in the Hardware Description.

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Are CE series switches required to use Huawei-certified optical modules
CE series switches must use Huawei-certified optical modules. Non-Huawei-certified optical or copper transceiver modules cannot ensure transmission reliability and may degrade service stability. Huawei is not liable for any problems caused by the use of non-Huawei-certified optical modules and will not fix such problems. To know optical modules that have passed Huawei certification, see section "Optical Modules" in the Hardware Description of CE series switches. All the optical modules listed in this section have been certified by Huawei. You can also call technical support hotline to certify your optical modules.

Are there any requirements of CE switches' power modules on input voltage fluctuation
Power modules used on CE series switches are independent of each other. You only need to ensure that the input voltage of each power module fluctuates within the specified range and do not need to care about differences in the voltage phases or amplitudes of different power modules.

How do I calculate the number of power modules required on a CE switch
How do I calculate the number of power modules required on a CE switch?
Calculate the total power consumption of all working modules on the switch and divide this value with the maximum power that a power module can provide. Add 1 to the integer part of the calculation result. The sum N is minimum number of power modules required for the switch. In real-world applications, more than N power modules are configured to implement power redundancy. The power modules can work in N+1 or N+N backup mode.
For example, a CE12808 chassis uses 2700 W AC power modules and is configured with two 48*10GE interface cards, five CE-SFU08A cards, and two MPUs.
With this configuration, the maximum power consumption of the chassis is 2455 W. 2455 W divided by 2700 W is smaller than 1, so the integer part is 0. That is, a minimum of one power module is required (0 + 1 = 1). Considering power redundancy, the number of power modules used on the chassis is:
In N+1 backup mode: N + 1 = 1 + 1 = 2
In N+N backup mode: N + N = 1 + 1 = 2
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