What versions AR routers support Super command


The AR router V200R005C00 version and V200R006C13 before and after version supports Super command.

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Does the AR support the web
Starting from V200R002C01, the AR supports the web platform. You can use the web platform to manage and maintain AR routers on the GUI. V200R005C20SPC200 is recommended. For details, see Access Router Product Information Center.

ARs' support for the super password
Users are assigned one of the 16 levels, which correspond to command levels. After logging in to an AR, users can use only the commands whose levels are equal to or lower than their levels. For ARs running versions earlier than V200R005C00 or V200R006C13 and later versions, you can run the super command to switch the user level. To prevent access of unauthorized users, the AR requires the user to enter the authentication password for the higher user level to authenticate the user identity. You can run the super password command to set an authentication password used to switch a user from a lower level to a higher level.

Which versions of AR routers support mirroring
Note: To detect faults and errors during communication, collecting or storing some individual communication information may be involved. Huawei will not collect or save user communication information independently. You must use this function in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Ensure that your customers' privacy is protected when you are collecting or saving communication information. The device supports two types of mirroring functions: Port mirroring: The port mirroring function copies packets passing through a mirrored port and then sends them to a specified observing port for analysis and monitoring. In port mirroring, all the packets passing through the mirrored port are copied. Flow mirroring: The flow mirroring function copies the packets that match traffic classification rules passing through a mirrored port and then sends them to a specified port for analysis and monitoring. In flow mirroring, the mirrored port is configured with the traffic policy that defines flow mirroring. The packets that match traffic classification rules of the mirrored port are copied. Note: The device does not support the packet parsing function. You need to use the packet header obtaining software to interpret packets.

How to configure a super-VLAN on an AR router
1. In the VLAN view, run the aggregate-vlan command to create a super-VLAN which does not contain any interface. 2. Run the access-vlan { vlan-id1 [ to vlan-id2 ] } &<1-10> command to add VLANs (sub-VLANs) to the super-VLAN. 3. Create a VLANIF interface for the super-VLAN, and configure a route. After the configuration, users under different VLANs can access the Internet over the super-VLAN.

From which version does the AR router support 80211ac
Currently, the AR does not support 802.11ac.

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