How do I know version support for various cards of the CE12800


To quickly find the version support for a card of the CE12800, you can obtain the Enterprise Network Product Hardware Query Tool at Hardware Query Tool, or refer to the "Version Mapping" section of the specific card model under "Cards" in the CloudEngine 12800 Series Switches Hardware Description.

Other related questions:
How do I know RADIUS attributes supported by the AR
You can run the display radius-attribute command to check RADIUS attributes supported by the AR.

Querying the BMC (iMana) version
You can use either of the following methods to query the iBMC or iMana version: Log in to the iBMC or iMana management network port using the CLI, and run the ipmcget -d version command. The value of Active iMana in the command output indicates the version of the BMC. Log in to the BMC WebUI, and choose Configuration > Firmware Upgrade. The versions of the active and backup BMC images are displayed.

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