How to deal with AR routers all passwords are forgotten.


AR routers all your passwords are forgotten, including BootRO password,Console mouth. This situation can only returned to the factory processing.

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How to solve the AR routers Web password is locked.
By default, the locked for 5 minutes after the automatic unlock after can log in to the system again. You can also use the CLI mode to log in to the device, in the aaa view, use the command local-user < user-name > state active to unlock the account.

How to retrieve a forgotten password of the storage system for S5500T V1R5?
To retrieve the password of a guest or an administrator, do as follows: 1. Log in to the CLI as the admin. 2. Run the resetuserpwd command to initialize the password. This command can only be used to reset the password of the administrator and guest. 3. After the initialization, the password becomes Admin@storage. To retrieve the password of the admin, contact Huawei technical support engineers. Address: Administration Building, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Bantian, Longgang District, Shenzhen, P. R. China Post code: 518129 Website: Customer service center Tel: 86-4008302118 Email:

What can I do if the web login password of the TE10/TE20 is forgotten?
To resolve this issue: If you forget your password, use the pin to press the RST hole for 10s when your endpoint is running to reset it to factory settings.

How to get the admin password when it's forgotten
Need to reinstall eSight when forget the password

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