Do CE series switches support VLAN aggregation


All models of CE switches support VLAN aggregation (super VLAN).

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Does S Switch support Vlan aggregation?
Super VLAN is called VLAN aggregation also�?All the S chassis Switch can support VLAN aggregation�?S2700SI、S2710SI、S2720EI、S2750、S5700LI、S5700S-LI、S5710LI can not support Vlan aggregation,other box can support.

Can a converted interface be added to an Eth-Trunk
Converted interfaces can be added to an Eth-Trunk. The configuration method is the same as that for adding a physical interface to an Eth-Trunk. # Add converted interface 40GE1/0/1:1 to Eth-Trunk2. system-view [~HUAWEI] interface eth-trunk 2 [*HUAWEI-Eth-Trunk2] trunkport 40ge 1/0/1:1 [*HUAWEI-Eth-Trunk2] commit

Do CE switches support VLAN mirroring
CE series switches support VLAN mirroring since V100R003C10.

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