Whether logs of CE series switches need to be deleted manually


Manually deleting logs is not required.

When the log storage space is greater than 80% of the available space, or the number of log files exceeds the threshold, the system automatically deletes the earliest log file to ensure that the latest logs can be recorded.

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Whether the USG6000 series supports manually deleting a dynamic blacklist
Blacklist entries can be dynamically or manually deleted.

Checking the restart reasons of an S series switch
the display reboot-info command to check restart reasons of S series switches (except S1700 switches). A switch may be restarted due to one of the following reasons: MANUAL: It is restarted by using the reboot command. POWER: It is restarted after being powered off. SCHEDU: It is restarted by using the schedule reboot command. OTHER: It is restarted due to either of the following reasons: 1. It is power recycled instantly, for example, the power cable is in bad contact or transient overvoltage and loss of voltage occurs. In this case, check whether the power cable is correctly connected to the switch. 2. An exception occurs in the system.

If SCHEDU or MANUAL is displayed in the command output, the switch is normally restarted. If POWER or OTHER is displayed, check whether any other devices using the same power supply system have reboot records around the time when the switch is restarted. If such reboot records are found, the switch's restart is caused by exceptions in the external power supply system. If no such reboot record is found, go to the next step . If the switch uses pluggable power modules, replace the power modules with power modules that can work normally to determine whether the power modules are faulty. If the switch uses built-in power modules, collect required information and contact Huawei technical support personnel if the external power supply system works properly. The information includes the outputs of the display version, display device, display reboot-info, display alarm urgent, and display power commands. (If pluggable power modules are used, the output of the display power command is not required.)

How to collect logs of a CE series switch
Log information is save in four types of log files including the diag.log, log.log, diagnose.log (one-click logs), diagnostic_information.zip (memory logs) files.

To analyze software issues, collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, diagnose.log (one-click logs are the most important) files.

To analyze hardware issues, collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, diagnostic_information.zip (memory logs, which are the most important logs) files, and other related command lines.

Collect log information using either of the following methods:

1. Collect diagnostic logs in one click.

[~HUAWEI] diagnose
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] display diagnostic-information >> diagnose.log

1. Executing the command takes about 5 minutes. Please wait.
2. The diagnose.log file is exported to the root directory of the active MPU.

< HUAWEI >cd flash:
<~HUAWEI >dir

3. Collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, and diagnostic_information.zip files.

[~HUAWEI] diagnose
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] collect diagnostic information
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] return
<HUAWEI >save logfile
<HUAWEI > cd logfile:
<HUAWEI >dir

You can run the mput * command to collect all logs.
[ftp]mput *

3. Run the following command lines to collect information to analyze hardware issues.

display startup
display version
display alarm active
display alarm history verbose
display device alarm hardware
display device
display device canbus (CE12800 series switches)
display device power sy
display device elabel
display device power
display health
display device board reset all (in the diagnostic view in some versions)

Whether partitions of each node in a FusionInsight cluster need to be mounted manually
OS partitions of each node in a FusionInsight cluster need to be mounted manually. Metadata partitions, Hadoop data partitions, Kafka data partitions, and Solr data partitions can be automatically mounted by using the preinstall script.

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