What logs are recorded by CE series switches


The device records the following logs during running:
- User logs: recording user operations and information such as port and protocol status, which are saved in the log.log file.
- Diagnostic logs: recording key process or event information, which are usually used for fault location. Diagnostic logs are saved in the diag.log file.

Other related questions:
Does the log buffer of S series switches record all logs
The log buffer only records some logs. For S series switches (except the S1700), two factors determine the logs recorded by log buffer. - By default, the log buffer only records logs at levels lower than the warning level (level 4); therefore, logs at levels 0 to 4 are recorded in the log buffer, whereas logs at levels 5 to 7 are not recorded. You can run the info-center source { module-name | default } channel { channel-number | channel-name } log { state { off | on } | level severity } * command to configure the levels of logs that can be recorded in the log buffer. - The space of the log buffer is limited. If the number of logs in the log buffer reaches the maximum, new logs will replace the earliest logs in the log buffer. By default, the log buffer can hold a maximum of 512 logs. You can run the info-center logbuffer size size command to configure the maximum number as 1024.

How to collect logs of a CE series switch
Log information is save in four types of log files including the diag.log, log.log, diagnose.log (one-click logs), diagnostic_information.zip (memory logs) files.

To analyze software issues, collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, diagnose.log (one-click logs are the most important) files.

To analyze hardware issues, collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, diagnostic_information.zip (memory logs, which are the most important logs) files, and other related command lines.

Collect log information using either of the following methods:

1. Collect diagnostic logs in one click.

[~HUAWEI] diagnose
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] display diagnostic-information >> diagnose.log

1. Executing the command takes about 5 minutes. Please wait.
2. The diagnose.log file is exported to the root directory of the active MPU.

< HUAWEI >cd flash:
<~HUAWEI >dir

3. Collect log information in the diag.log, log.log, and diagnostic_information.zip files.

[~HUAWEI] diagnose
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] collect diagnostic information
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] return
<HUAWEI >save logfile
<HUAWEI > cd logfile:
<HUAWEI >dir

You can run the mput * command to collect all logs.
[ftp]mput *

3. Run the following command lines to collect information to analyze hardware issues.

display startup
display version
display alarm active
display alarm history verbose
display device alarm hardware
display device
display device canbus (CE12800 series switches)
display device power sy
display device elabel
display device power
display health
display device board reset all (in the diagnostic view in some versions)

How many logs can the logbuffer of a CE series switch be recorded
By default, the log buffer can save 512 logs. The number of logs is configurable and the maximum value is 10240.
For example, run the following command to set the maximum number of logs saved in the log buffer to 1000:
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] info-center logbuffer size 1000
[*HUAWEI] commit

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