Why cannot logs of CE series switches be exported to the console


Logs cannot be exported to the console if the log or console display is disabled. To export logs to the console, enable the log and console display.
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Other related questions:
Why cannot an unconfigured CE series switch be logged in after it starts and why are DHCP discovery errors displayed on the console port
CE series switches support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) since V100R003C00. After being powered on, an unconfigured device will repeatedly execute the ZTP process to complete automatic deployment until automatic deployment succeeds or administrators press CTRL+C to stop it.

Why is the time in a log on CE series switches inconsistent with that on the NMS
Logs sent to the NMS use the standard UTC time. Therefore, the log time displayed on the NMS has no time zone. If the time zone is configured on the device, the log time displayed on the device will differ from that displayed on the NMS.

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