What is the storage directory for logs uploaded from a CE switch to a server


The storage path for the logs uploaded to the server is determined by the server setting.

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Upload a license file
A license file of a switch is saved on a PC reachable to the switch. The following uses the license file CloudEngine12800V100R006_20151218150734.dat as an example. You can upload the license file to a switch using any of the three methods described on the right.

How to configure a CE switch to send logs to a server
You can configure the switch to export logs to the log server so that you can view them on the log server to monitor device running. For example, to export all logs with a level higher than "notification" to the log server, run:
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] info-center loghost channel loghost level notification
[*HUAWEI] commit

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