How to check the card reset cause on CE series switches


To check the reason of a card reset, run the display device board reset slot-id command. The following is an example:
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] diagnose
[~HUAWEI-diagnose] display device board reset 1

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How to check the reset causes of an interface card
Run the display reset-reason command to check the reset cause of the interface card installed in a slot, determining whether the interface card reset proactively or passively. If the following message is displayed: Reason: A link fault fails to be rectified (which indicates a link fault), the interface card reset proactively. Otherwise, the interface card reset passively.

Check the WWPNs of the storage device and server after FCoE is configured on a CE series switch
After configuring the FCoE function, you can check registration information about the storage device and server on the switch enabled with the FCF function.
display fcoe name-server brief
The Name-Server Information:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface FC-ID WWPN
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FCoE1/0/1 16.00.01 30:00:00:68:50:40:30:02
FCoE1/0/2 16.00.02 30:00:00:68:50:40:30:01
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total: 2

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