How to view the power of power modules on CE series switches


Run the display device power command to view the power of the switch.
<HUAWEI> display device power
Slot PowerNo Present Mode State     Current   Voltage   ActualPower RatedPower
                                    (Ampere)  (Volt)      (Watts)     (Watts)
1    PWR1    NO      --   --        --        --        --          --
     PWR2    YES     AC   Supply    9.2       12.0      110         350
N/A:Power not available
In the command output, the ActualPower field indicates the current power, and the RatedPower field indicates the rated power.

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How to view the device power consumption on CE series switches
To view the device power consumption, run the display device power system command. display device power system Average power consumption: 846 W Current power consumption: 847 W Power manage cycle: 1 hour Power manage mode: Standard Power Redundant: Non Total Power Capacity without Backup: 2700 W Total Power Capacity with Backup: 2700 W Total Power Allocated: 2470 W Total Power Available: 165 W Total Power reserved for MPU,SFU,CMU and FAN Board(s): 65 W ...... In the command output, the Average power consumption field indicates the average power consumption, the Total Power Allocated field indicates the allocated power, and the Total Power Available field indicates the available power.

Are power cables and power modules of CE series switches hot swappable
For CE series switches: - All power modules of CE series switches are hot swappable. - All power cables are hot swappable if they are connected to matching power modules.

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