Add the storage device and server to a zone on a CE series switch


On a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) network, you can configure zones to control access between ENodes to improve the network security.
A zone contains multiple members, and an ENode can join different zones. Members in the same zone can communicate with each other, whereas members in different zones cannot.
Member nodes can be added to a zone based on the WWPN, WWNN, FC_ID, and FC or FCoE interface. The WWPN mode is recommended. system-view
[~HUAWEI] zone zone1
[*HUAWEI-zone-zone1] member wwpn 20:00:00:9f:be:30:20:10
[*HUAWEI-zone-zone1] quit
[*HUAWEI] commit

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Configure the system time zone for a CE series switch
Run the clock timezone time-zone-name { add | minus } offset command in the user view or system view to configure the local time zone for a switch. By default, the time zone is not configured and a switch uses the default value Time Zone(DefaultZoneName): UTC. For example, if a switch is located in Beijing, China, set the local time zone name to BJ and the time zone to UTC+8. clock timezone BJ add 08:00:00

Check the WWPNs of the storage device and server after FCoE is configured on a CE series switch
After configuring the FCoE function, you can check registration information about the storage device and server on the switch enabled with the FCF function.
display fcoe name-server brief
The Name-Server Information:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interface FC-ID WWPN
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FCoE1/0/1 16.00.01 30:00:00:68:50:40:30:02
FCoE1/0/2 16.00.02 30:00:00:68:50:40:30:01
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total: 2

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