Do CE series switches support the FC function


CE series switches support the FC function in V100R005C10 and later versions. Currently, only the CE6850U-HI supports the FC function.

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Do VSs on CE series switches support multicast functions
Among all VSs in port mode, only the admin-VS supports multicast functions. All VSs in group mode support multicast functions.

What multicast features do CE series switches support
The right figure shows the multicast features supported by CE series switches.

Do CE series switches support the GR and NSR functions
CE series switches support the non-stop routing (NSR) function. When they perform an active/standby switchover, routing protocols do not flap. Support for graceful restart (GR) of CE series switches varies according to the routing protocols: - RIP does not support GR. - OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP do not support the GR restarter function (NSR is used instead), but support the GR helper function.

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