Download HedEx Lite to view product documentations about CE series switches


Download HedEx Lite from HedEx Lite to view product documentations about CE series switches.

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Download S1700 product documentation
To download the S1700 configuration guide and product documentation, visit, where you can download documents such as S1700 Series Ethernet Switches Managed Switches Web User Manual, S1700 Series Ethernet Switches FAQ, S1700 Multimedia, S1700 Products Description, and S1700 Installation Quick Start.

Download product documentations about CE series switches
Download product configuration documentations from Huawei support website. 1. Visit link url=""> e indicates Enterprise, that is, enterprise business. 2. Click Support. 3. On the Product Support page, select a product type (such as Switch) in the Enterprise Network area or enter a product model (such as, CE12800) in the search box. - If you select a product type, a page is displayed where you can select a specified product model. 4. On the displayed page, documentations about a specified product model are listed. Select the version you need, such as V100R006. 5. Click Product Documentation. Click a documentation to open it. To obtain references about MIBs, logs, and alarms, click Reference Guides. Some documentations must be viewed using HedEx Lite. Register at Register or log in to Download and download HedEx Lite.

Whether a plug-in is required to start the product documentation HedEx software
No plug-in needs to be installed to start the product documentation HedEx. You can download the latest version of HedEx at

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