Download common icons of CE series switches


If you need common icons of CE series switches, download Visio icons from

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Obtain a license file
After purchasing a license, you can obtain the license file (*.dat file) based on the license authorization code (LAC) and device ESN using either of the following methods: 1. Visit, click Password Activation under License Activation, enter the activation code and device ESN as prompted to activate the license, and then download the license file. 2. Send the LAC and device ESN to to obtain the license file.

Download upgrade guide about CE series Switches
Download upgrade guides of CE series switches as follows: 1. Visit link url=""> e indicates Enterprise, that is, enterprise business. 2. Click Support. 3. On the Software Download page, select a switch model in the Switch area or enter a switch model (such as, CE12800) in the search box. 4. On the displayed page, documentations about a specified product model are listed. Select a version such as V100R006 from the Select Version drop-down box. Then click a version number under Version and Patch. 5. On the displayed page, upgrade guides of the corresponding version are listed. Your application will be approved manually. To accelerate the approval, you can send an email containing your application number and email address to, or contact your dealer.

How to download the system software package for a CE series switch
Download the system software package for a CE series switch as follows: 1. Visit 2. Choose 软件 > 企业网络 > 交换�? 3. Select a switch model and version, and download the system software package.

Huawei IT product Visio icon address
To obtain the Visio icon of Huawei IT products: Method 1: Visit Huawei IT Product Graph Library: Select the desired product, and click the Visio Template tab. Method 2: Visit VisioCafe to access Huawei's IT product dedicated page:

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