Which interface of a CE series switch can be used for cascading


Any service interfaces of a CE series switch can be used for cascading.

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Can CE series switches be cascaded
CE series switches run standard Ethernet protocols and can be cascaded on a network.

What split types do 100GE interfaces of CE series switches support
The following table lists the split types supported by 100GE interfaces. Table 1 Split types supported by 100GE interfaces Model Card Supported Split Type CE12800 CE-L04CF-EF/CE-L04CF-EC 10*10GE 8*10GE 2*40GE 1*40GE CE-L08CC-EC 3*40GE 12*10GE CE-L12CF-EG 2*40GE 8*10GE Note: If a CFP2-100G-LR4 optical module is installed on a 100GE interface of the CE-L12CF-EG card, the 100GE interface cannot be split into eight 10GE interfaces. CE-L36CQ-FD/CE-L48XS-FDA/CE-L12CQ-FD 4*25GE CE-L36LQ-FD/CE-L24LQ-FD (100GE interface converted from a 40GE interface) 4*25GE CE8860EI �? 4*25GE CE6870EI �? 4*25GE

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