Why cannot ZTP execution information be displayed through the console port of a CE12800 switch


On a CE12800 switch with two MPUs, you can only log in and check ZTP execution information through the console port of the active MPU. If you log in through the console port of the standby MPU, ZTP execution information cannot be queried and the system displays only the following information:
Info: The system is busy with ZTP on master console, please wait or abort ZTP throught master console. Therefore, to view ZTP execution information, log in through the console port of the active MPU.

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Why no information is displayed on the console interface of an AR
The possible causes are as follows: - Parameter settings on the console interface are incorrect. - The console cable is faulty. - The path of startup files is incorrectly specified. - The storage device (SD card or USB flash drive) saving the startup files has been removed from the AR or is not securely connected to the AR. - The memory card is loosely connected.

How to stop the display of diagnostic information after running the display diagnostic-information command through the console port on CE series switches
After the display diagnostic-information command is executed through the console port, it takes a long period to display diagnostic information when a lot of information needs to be displayed. However, pressing CTRL+C cannot stop the display of diagnostic information.
To stop the display of diagnostic information, log in to the device through Telnet and then run the kill user-interface console command to terminate the console interface connection.
<HUAWEI> kill user-interface console 0

Why cannot an unconfigured CE series switch be logged in after it starts and why are DHCP discovery errors displayed on the console port
CE series switches support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) since V100R003C00. After being powered on, an unconfigured device will repeatedly execute the ZTP process to complete automatic deployment until automatic deployment succeeds or administrators press CTRL+C to stop it.

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