What should I do if the license activation code is lost


If your license activation code is lost, use either of the following methods to obtain it:
1. If you have a license authorization certificate, obtain the license activation code from the certificate, as shown in the right figure.
A license authorization certificate is an available PDF or printed file, and made in compliance with a sales contract. Printed certificates are delivered with the products. Electronic certificates are sent to customers' email boxes by the license management system.

2. If you do not have a license authorization certificate, send an email that contains the Huawei contract number of the purchased device to license@huawei.com to seek technical support.
If you do not have the Huawei contract number, contact your upper-level dealer.

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What should I do if the configuration of an AR router is lost
Restore the configuration file from the storage.
1. Restore the configuration file in the router sd as the configuration file for the current system.
<Huawei> copy sd1:/backup.cfg sd1:/config.cfg
2. Restart the router to complete the configuration restoration.
<Huawei> reboot
Info: The system is comparing the configuration, please wait.
Warning: All the configuration will be saved to the next startup configuration. Continue? [y/n]: n
System will reboot! Continue? [y/n]: y
Info: system is rebooting ,please wait...

What shall I do if the license certificate is lost
If the license certificate is list, log in to the http://app.huawei.com/isdp (ESDP platform) to retrieve it based on the contract number.

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