Causes for a license activation failure on a CE series switch


The causes for a license activation failure on a CE series switch include:
1. The product type or device ESN does not match the license file. In this case, apply for a new license that matches the product type or device ESN.
2. The license revoke command has been executed to revoke the license file. Run the display display license revoke-ticket command, and a character string is displayed, indicating the revocation code. Use the revocation code and other required information to apply for a new license.

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How to check whether the license activation fails because of an ESN mismatch on S series switches
For S series switches (except the S1700), a license fails to be activated or is in Demo state mostly because the ESN of the switch does not match that in the license file. You can locate the fault as follows: 1. Run the display esn command to query the ESN of the switch. 2. Run the more command to check the content of the license file. Query the ESN in the license file. more license.dat Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. LicenseSerialNo=LIC20130508002050 Creator=Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. CreatedTime=2013-05-08 09:50:36 Country=Unknown Custom=RD of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Office=Unknown Sign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roduct=S12700 Feature=Service Esn="020PBV1098000004" Attrib="DEMO, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL" Version=V200R006 Libver=1.2 Sign= C96A777F61457549C2D7EC9EA19D33642CFF5E5F88AEA3FA05AA5C3689481CA40090FB8ADC 6890CB4B1C4D27376D755E39DEB4D2A3ADAA29550A74F9A246412823325752910F06B671DBB1A30E E8C8F5B5DD10F72FD329911905041EEA82D2997C6EDE4F0A206F63AA574C74FB807AD60B89A40EC5 8E54796B32A0EB4B09AD3A Product=S12700 Feature=ESFEA1 Esn="020PBV1098000004" Attrib="DEMO, 2013-07-31, 60, NULL, NULL, NULL" Resource="LES0WLAN01=3, ES1SWLAN64AP=4, ES1SWLAN32AP=5" Function="LES0MPLS01=1, LES0NQAF01=1, LES0IPV601=1, LES0SSP01=1, LES0BSVC01=1" Comment="t00197830" Sign= 35F2F19708002DEB84A9D9179A3EC1C44C439DEFC2362A770847B1E0B0FDF81CD6D2611123 37F2DCABFE5507563AF38489209AE274070635D069762DFF93D4F9D59748DE74CB7830CD1BE87AEA 2C169AE1232D558A2A227F08E727B4A397A99B71684AB683F5DCD74C5E04D9CDA84440655A25B331 998B3EE70A375774C812F9 3. Check whether the two ESNs obtained using the preceding method are the same. Pay attention to tiny differences between the two ESNs, for example, the uppercase and lowercase characters and the difference between the letter O and digit 0. If the ESN in the license file differs from that of the switch, use the ESN of the switch to reapply for a license.

What should I do when a CE series switch license file changes to the trial state
If a license in trial state expires, successfully delivered configurations of a licensed feature will be retained and take effect. You are allowed to delete existing service configurations related to the licensed feature, but not to add new configurations. Therefore, apply for a new license and activate it before the current license expires. Otherwise, services will be affected.

Failed to load a license on the U1900 series unified gateway
When loading a license on the U1900 fails, perform the following steps to locate the fault: Step 1 Run the show license command to query the ESN and check whether the ESN is the same as that used for applying the license. Step 2 Check whether the number of users specified in the license is greater than the number of users created. Step 3 Check whether the license version matches the device version.

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