Load and run a patch


Before loading a patch to a switch, upload the correct and valid patch package to the root directory (Flash:/) of the storage medium on the switch.

Method 1: Load and then run the patch.
patch load patch.pat all active //Load the patch in the system and then activate it.
patch run all //Run the patch.

Method 2: Load and run the patch simultaneously.
patch load patch.pat all run //Load and run the patch.

Other related questions:
Why does the loaded patch fail to work
It takes a long time to load and run a patch. The user may run the patch before the patch is loaded successfully, causing an operation failure. You are advertised to run the patch after the system displays the information indicating that the patch is loaded successfully.

How are patches loaded for SVF
When a patch is loaded for SVF, you only need to load the patch on the parent switch, not on the leaf switch. 

Perform the following operations:
1. Upload a patch package to the parent switch. The version of the patch must match the switch type.

2. Run the patch load filename all run command in the user view to load and run patches.

3. Run the display patch-information verbose command to check whether patches are loaded successfully.

How are patch files loaded for VSs
System patch files can only be loaded in the Admin-VS, but not in other VSs.

How to load the U1900 software version by running commands?
Go to and obtain the software version and upgrade guide of the desired model. Then upgrade or reload the U1900 software version by referring to the corresponding upgrade guide.

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