Back up the system software to the standby MPU


Run the copy source-filename destination-filename command in the user view to back up the system software to the standby MPU of a CE series switch. The following uses the system software package as an example.

# Back up the system software to the standby MPU.
copy slave#flash:/
Info: Are you sure to copy flash:/ to slave#flash:/ [Y/N]: y

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How to configure the active/standby switchover on S series switches
To configure the active/standby switchover on S series switches (except the S1700), run the slave switchover command in the system view.

Can a VBS Backup of a System Disk Be Used to Restore the System Disk of an ECS?

Yes. You can restore the system disk using a VBS backup. Before restoring the system disk, you must detach it from the ECS.

Failed to Back Up System Configuration Data
1.Use PuTTY to log in to the OceanStor BCManager node. Use the Management IP address to log in as user ICUser. 2.Run the following command to disable logout on timeout. TMOUT=0 NOTE: After you run this command, the system continues to run when no operation is performed, resulting a risk. For security, run exit to exit the system. 3.Run the following command and enter the password of user root to switch to user root: su - root 4.Run the following command to go to the directory of the configuration file. cd /etc/ssh 5.Run the following command to open the configuration file. vi sshd_config 6.Press I to enter the editing mode. 7.Change parameter values in the configuration file, as shown in the following: PermitRootLogin yes PasswordAuthentication yes PermitEmptyPasswords no ChallengeResponseAuthentication no UsePAM yes 8.Press ESC and enter :wq to save the settings and exit the VI editor. 9.Run the following command to restart the sshd service. service sshd restart 10.After the next backup point in time, check whether the backup failure alarm has been cleared. If yes, no further action is required. If no, contact technical support.

Cache flushing time supported by a single BBU of OceanStor V3 after the system is powered off
The BBU can provide power for eight minutes. OceanStor V3 BBUs are in 1+1 backup mode. The cache has enough time to flush dirty data to data coffer disks.

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