Configure the immediate mode for configurations to take effect immediately


Run the system-view immediately command in the user view to enter the system view and edit configurations in validation mode. In immediate mode, the configuration takes effect immediately after you run a configuration command and press Enter.

# Configure the immediate mode.
system-view immediately

Other related questions:
Why can BGP not immediately attempt to establish connections after the peer is configured
To prevent the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) from frequently tearing down the neighbor relationship for renegotiation, the device waits for a proper period before establishing connections to ensure that related configurations are complete. The recommended period in RFC4271 is 120 seconds. The implementation in AR series routers is 32 seconds.

How do I make the modified label distribution mode take effect immediately on the AR router
Run the reset mpls ldp command to reset LDP instances of public networks.

Device restart after the user-bind static command is executed
For S series switches excluding the S1700, in V100R006, running the user-bind static command on the S2700-SI or S3700-SI causes device restart. This issue is fixed in later versions. You can upgrade the switch to V200R001 or later version or install patch V100R006SPH022. To download the patch, click S2700 Downloads.

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