What is the default user level on CE series switches


User levels determine operation permission of users. For CE series switches, there are 16 user levels that range from level 0 to 15. A larger value indicates a higher level. By default, the level of a user logging in to a switch through the console port is 15, and the level of a Telnet/Stelnet user is 0.

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Default log level on the USG6000
The default level of the log information on the USG6000 is Warning.

Why level-1 users can run configuration-level commands on S series switches
Level-1 users can use only the commands at level 1 and level 0, but cannot use the level-2 (configuration-level) commands. You can use the following three methods to set the user level for users logging in through AAA local authentication. The user level set in the first method has the highest priority, and the user level set in the last method has the lowest priority. Run the local-user user-name privilege level level command in the AAA view to set the user level for the user named user-name. Run the admin-user privilege level level command in the service scheme view to set a user level for all users in a domain. Run the user privilege level level command in the user view to set a user level for all users logging in through the user view. By default, the users on the console port are at level 15 and the users on the VTY user interface are at level 0. Therefore, user level 1 set in the user view does not take effect because a higher user level has been set in the AAA or service scheme view.

What are the user levels supported by the N8000?
Master: A user that has all system permissions and can modify all settings as required. View Admin: A user that can only browse the information about the N8000.

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