What can I do when I fail to log in to a switch using third-party terminal emulation software


By default, flow control is disabled on a switch. When logging in to a switch through the console port using third-party terminal emulation software, deselect flow control parameters on the third-party terminal emulation software to ensure that flow control parameter settings on both ends are the same. Otherwise, the login fails. On the right, SecureCRT is used as an example to describe how to disable flow control.

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How is the LACP mode configured when a CE switch connects to a third-party device through an Eth-Trunk
Run the mode { lacp-static | lacp-dynamic | manual [ load-balance ] } command in the Eth-Trunk interface view to configure the LACP mode of the Eth-Trunk on the CE switch. When a CE switch connects to a third-party device, the LACP modes must be consistent on the two ends. Mainstream network devices that connect to CE switches include devices from Cisco, Juniper, and H3C. The table on the right describes the mapping between aggregation modes.

Can the TE30 be controlled using the third-party software?
The TE30 can be controlled using the third-party software.

Does TE30 supports third-party software control?
TE30 supports third-party software control.

Can I connect the eSpace 8950 to a third-party PBX?
Huawei IP phones support the standard SIP protocol. They can register with a third-party PBX (SIP voice gateway) as long as the third-party PBX supports SIP registration.

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