What is a Subordinate VLAN ?


A separate interface can communicate only with a principal interface and is isolated from other types of interfaces.
Each separate VLAN must be bound to a principal VLAN.

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What is the voice VLAN
A voice VLAN refers to a VLAN used to transmit voice data flows. You can create a voice VLAN and add the interface connected to a voice device to the voice VLAN. Then voice data flows can be transmitted on the voice VLAN, ensuring the voice data transmission quality.

What MUX VLAN represent
Configuring a MUX VLAN allows users in different VLANs to communicate with each other, and separates users in a certain VLAN.

What are the subordinate VLANs of the switch MUX VLAN
The subordinate VLANs include: 1. Separate VLAN: Subordinate separate VLAN, whose port is a separate port. Separate ports cannot communicate with each other or ports of other VLANs. They can communicate only with their own bound principal ports. Each separate VLAN must be bound to a principal VLAN. 2. Group VLAN: subordinate group VLAN, whose port is a group port. Group ports in a VLAN can communicate with each other and their own principal ports but cannot communicate with group or separate ports in other VLANs. Each group VLAN must be bound to a principal VLAN. The MUX VLAN function is used to isolate Layer 2 traffic between ports on a VLAN. For example, on an enterprise network, employee ports and customer ports can communicate with the server ports; employee ports in the same group can communicate with each other; but customer ports cannot communicate with each other. According to features of the preceding VLANs, the enterprise can add the server ports to the principal VLAN, add employee ports to a subordinate group VLAN, and add customer ports to a subordinate separate VLAN.

What is MUX VLAN on S series switch
On S series switches (except S1700), Multiplex VLAN (MUX VLAN) provides a mechanism that controls network resources through VLANs. The MUX VLAN involves a principal VLAN and multiple subordinate VLANs. Subordinate VLANs are classified into group VLANs and separate VLANs. Member interfaces in subordinate VLANs can communicate with interfaces in the principal VLAN but cannot communicate with each other. Interfaces in a subordinate group VLAN can communicate with each other, but interfaces in a subordinate separate VLAN are isolated from each other.

What is a principal vlan ?
A principal interface can communicate with all interfaces in a MUX VLAN.

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