Do modules on a CE series switch support automatic in-service upgrade of programs and does program upgrade affect running services


The LPUs, SFUs, and CMUs on a switch support in-service upgrade of BIOS and CPLD programs. You can upgrade BIOS and CPLD programs of these modules using upgrade board-type { slot slot-id } { startup | filename } bios [ force ] command. The LPUs, SFUs, and CMUs will be reset after the upgrade.

Upgrade of LPUs affect running services. Services on an SFU are not affected during an upgrade if you have pressed the OFL button on the SFU to isolate the SFU. Upgrade of CMUs does not affect running services.

After the software of the MPUs is upgraded, BIOS and CPLD programs of the LPUs, SFUs, and CMUs are updated automatically. After the update is complete, the LPUs, SFUs, and CMUs are reset. Therefore, upgrade of the MPUs affect running services.

Power modules and fan modules cannot upgrade their software automatically, even if their software version is different from the system software version. To upgrade the software of power modules and fan modules, run the upgrade power all and upgrade fan all commands in diagnostic view.

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If a card fails to start using the system software of a new version, an ISSU upgrade will fail and the system will be rolled back to the previous version.

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Ports configured with dual-active detection (DAD) in direct mode cannot run other services. Eth-Trunks configured with DAD in relay mode can run other services properly.

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Before upgrading the system, stop all InfoTier background tasks, including the tasks of scanning for stored data and restriping data.

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