What are default settings of the console interface on an AR


The default parameters of the console interface are as follows:
Baud rate: 9600
Flow control: none
Parity check: none
Stop bit: 1
Data bit: 8

Other related questions:
Why no information is displayed on the console interface of an AR
The possible causes are as follows: - Parameter settings on the console interface are incorrect. - The console cable is faulty. - The path of startup files is incorrectly specified. - The storage device (SD card or USB flash drive) saving the startup files has been removed from the AR or is not securely connected to the AR. - The memory card is loosely connected.

Cables of the Console Interface on an AR
The console cable is used to connect the RJ45 connector of the console interface and DB9 connector of the serial interface of the PC.

Logging in to the AR through a console interface
You can connect a PC to the console interface of an AR and then log in to the AR to perform basic configurations and management.

Is there a default password for console port login to an AR
ARs' support for the default console port login password is as follows: - All AR models have no default password in V200R005C20 and earlier versions. - All AR models have a default password in V200R005C20 and later versions. The default user name is admin, and the default password is Admin@huawei.

Check whether the AR routers Console login has a default password.
The AR routers Console password for logging in to the default support status: -all models AR equipment in V200R005C20 and previous versions have no default password. -all models AR equipment after V200R005C20 version has a default password, the default user name is admin, by default, the password is:Admin@huawei.

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