Which commands can take effect without being committed


In two-stage mode, the commit command must be executed for configurations to take effect. However, you do not need to run the commit command to make the following commands take effect:
1. Query commands, such as display interface
2. Maintenance commands, such as slave switchover, dual-active restore, stack upgrade fast rollback-timer, stack upgrade fast stack member, switch mode, and reset keepalive packets count
3. Commands that are executed to enter the existing views such as the stack view and physical interface view on a physical device, for example, interface 10ge1/0/1
4. Existing configurations on a device that are reconfigured

Other related questions:
Does the traffic-policy or traffic-filter command first take effect
The traffic-filter command is supported from V200R002C00. When the traffic-policy and traffic-filter commands are simultaneously executed, the traffic-filter command takes effect first.

When you configure the set priority dscp and remark dscp commands simultaneously, which one takes effect
set priority dscp command sets the DSCP priority of protocol packets sent by the device. To change the DSCP priority of protocol packets, you can also configure a traffic policy, define remark dscp for protocol packets in the traffic policy, and apply the traffic policy to the outbound direction of an interface.

If the ip soft-forward enhance enable command has been executed to enable the enhanced IP forwarding function, the remark dscp command takes effect. If the ip soft-forward enhance enable command is not used, the set priority command takes effect.

Can SSL VPN users log in without being authenticated
No. SSL VPN users can log in only after being authenticated.

Types of packets checked by S series switches with IPSG enabled
For S series switches (except S1700 switches), IPSG takes effect only for IP packets (except DHCP packets) but not for packets of other types such as ARP or PPPoE. With IPSG enabled, an S series switch checks only IPv4 packets in versions earlier than V200R001 and checks all IPv4 and IPv6 packets in V200R001 and later versions.

Configure the immediate mode for configurations to take effect immediately
Run the system-view immediately command in the user view to enter the system view and edit configurations in validation mode. In immediate mode, the configuration takes effect immediately after you run a configuration command and press Enter. # Configure the immediate mode. system-view immediately

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