Which command can be used to disable all traps on an S series switch


For S series switches (except the S1700), run the snmp-agent trap disable command to disable all traps, and run the undo snmp-agent trap enable command to restore the default setting.
You can run the display snmp-agent trap all command in any view to check the current status and default status of all traps for all features.

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How to view log history on S series switches
For S series switches (except the S1700), you can only view the latest cached logs and traps in the buffer. If you want to view earlier messages, run the display logfile file-name command to check log files stored in the logfile or syslogfile folder on the storage card.

Enable and disable PoE on an S series switch
Enable or disable the PoE function on S series switches:

1. By default, the PoE function is enabled on an interface
2. Enable or disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI]interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]undo poe enable  //Disable PoE power supply.
[HUAWEI-GigabitEthernet1/0/0]poe enable       //Enable PoE power supply.

The downlink electrical interfaces of PoE switches support PoE power supply, with up to 30 W power on each interface. The maximum power supply distance is 100 m.
Only ES0D0G48VA00 (S7700)/LE0DG48VEA00 (S9300) cards of modular switches (S7700/S9700/S9300/S12700) support PoE power supply.

If the switch connects to 48 V standard PoE powered devices but cannot negotiate power supply capabilities with the devices, you can run poe force-power on the interfaces to forcibly power on the devices.

Function of the bpdu enable command on S series switch
On an S series switch, except S1700, the bpdu enable command sends BPDUs to the CPU for processing. S series switches: In the versions earlier than V100R006, BPDUs are discarded by default. In V100R006 and later versions, BPDUs are sent to the CPU by default. E series switches: BPDUs are sent to the CPU by default. Run the display bpdu mac-address command to check which packets are determined as BPDUs. The bpdu mac-address command configures packets as BPDUs.

Since which version do S series switches support the command to disable the NTP service function
You can run the ntp-service disable command on an S series switch (except the S1700) in V200R001 or a later version to disable the NTP service function.

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