Why does the NMS display an error message when it uses SNMPv2c to connect to an S series switch


When an NMS uses SNMPv2c to connect to an S series switch (except the S1700), error message "another nms was polling the switch with wrong community" is displayed. The reason is that the community name configured on the NMS is different from that configured on the switch.
Run the display snmp-agent community command on the switch to check the configured community name.

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An error message is displayed during the mirroring configuration on an S series switch
If an error message similar to the following is displayed when you configure the mirroring function on an S series switch: Error: Insufficient observe-port resource. It indicates that the number of configured observing ports has reached the upper limit. To perform new mirroring configuration, delete unnecessary mirroring configurations or other service configurations that use observing port resources. For example, MPLS OAM or BFD configuration consumes observing port resources on some devices. Alternatively, use other features to implement traffic monitoring.

Why does the NMS tool display an error message when it attempts to load some MIB files for S series switches
For S series switches (except the S1700), when the NMS tool is used to load some MIB files, error message "cannot load this MIB, error: ParseError,no content found, except 'DEFINITIONS::=BEGIN';line:1)" or "cannot load this MIB, error: MIB Parsing failed" is displayed. The reason is that some MIB files, such as RFC1155-SMI, RFC-1212, and SNMPv2-CONF, only define syntax and do not contain MIB objects. These MIB files are referenced by other MIB files. For example, RFC-1212 defines how MIB files are written, and RFC-1215 defines the syntax of TRAP-TYPE macro. Ignore these messages when you are loading these MIB files.

Method for handling errors that occur on VMs during VNC login
VNC provides a quick maintenance method for VMs. When an error occurs, you can either handle it yourself or seek help. When you enter the VNC window, you may see a black screen or one or more error messages. However, these do not prevent you from using the VM. You only need to type Ctrl+Alt+Del to log in to the VM and use it.

An error message is displayed when connecting to U1900 using Telnet
The message "access denied" is displayed because the trusted IP address function is enabled and you can log in to the gateway only using a trusted IP address. The configuration commands are as follows: config add trust loginip startip endip config trust loginip switch on To disable the trusted IP address function, log in to the gateway using a trusted IP address or through the serial port and run the following command: config trust loginip switch off Telnet is an insecure protocol. You are advised to disable Telnet after using it.

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