Why cannot the NMS obtain NQA attributes from the DISMAN-PING-MIB


The NQA function of S series switches requires a license. If no license for the NQA function is loaded on a switch, actions performed on NQA-related objects do not take effect.

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Download MIB file of S series switch
Download MIB files for S series switches (except S1700 switches) as follows: Access http://support.huawei.com/enterprise/. Choose Support > Bulletins > Service Bulletin > MIB Files > Enterprise Network.

Why cannot the OSPF MIB configuration on an S series switch be displayed in a MIB browser
Question: After MIB parameters are configured on a MIB browser and a device, the device fails to connect to the MIB browser and the OSPF MIB configuration cannot be displayed in the browser. What should I do? Answer: Perform the following operations on the S series switch to solve the problem. Check whether the connection between the Ethernet interface on the switch and the device where the MIB browser is installed is proper. Check whether IP address conflict occurs on the network. If the network is busy, set the interval at which packets are retransmitted to the MIB browser and the retransmission time to smaller values. Check whether the ospf mib-binding command is executed in the OSPF instance. Check whether the IP address specified by trap in the snmp-agent target-host trap command is the same as the interface IP address of the MIB browser. For example, check whether configurations of the following commands are correct. If the configurations are correct and the device where the MIB browser is installed is properly connected to the Ethernet interface on the switch, the browser can correctly display the MIB information. [HUAWEI] ospf mib-binding process-id [HUAWEI] snmp-agent sys-info version all [HUAWEI] snmp-agent community read public_huawei [HUAWEI] snmp-agent community write private_huawei

Why cannot an S series switches obtain LLDP neighbor information through SNMP
On a Huawei S series switch (except the S1700), the LLDP module has two MIB files, that is, HUAWEI-LLDP-MIB.mib and LLDP-MIB.mib. In the default configuration of the switch, SNMP is only applicable to the objects in the internet tree. The objects such as neighbor information in LLDP-MIB.mib are not in the internet tree. Therefore, the SNMP MIB view needs to be set to ISO. Then, all the objects in the ISO view can be accessed through SNMP. To obtain LLDP neighbor information through SNMP, run the following commands on the switch: [HUAWEI]snmp-agent community read huawei123 mib-view iso-view [HUAWEI]snmp-agent community write huawei123 mib-view iso-view [HUAWEI]snmp-agent sys-info version all [HUAWEI]snmp-agent mib-view included iso-view iso

Intermittent ping interruption on S series switch
If an S series switch fails to be pinged intermittently, check whether ICMP packets are discarded by CPCAR. - If ICMP packets are discarded by CPCAR, ping packets cannot be sent to the CPU. In this case, modify the CPCAR value of ICMP packets. Note: An improper CPCAR setting will affect services on your network. It is recommended that you contact Huawei technical support personnel before adjusting the CPCAR setting. -If ICMP packets are not discarded by CPCAR, run the undo icmp rate-limit enable command to disable ICMP rate limit. Then check whether forwarding information for ping packets, such as the returned route, exist on the switch.

How to obtain MIB files of a WLAN device
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